Hi Dennis, Fantastic work! Thank you. This will be installed in a shed we built this past summer. We erected a fire pit near the shed. Seems that when ever we have a small cookout I'm always yelling across the yard for something I forgot in the house. Now I can just crank the magneto and I'm on the network. Attached are two photos that show the three buildings with 900' of underground wiring. All operates on a 12 volt dry cell battery. Thank you again for all your efforts! Paul

(Electronic Amplified Transmitter for Candlestick Telephone) I got the unit today, installed it as you had instructed over the phone, it works WONDERFULLY, you are the man, a telephonic genius! I'm really happy with this, thank you once again. Doug

Hello Dennis, I got my phone back the other day and got her up and working today. It’s a sweet addition to my bar! Can’t wait for the next poker game. Thank you again for your attention-to-detail! My hats off to you! Wade T.

Received the lamp; it’s working great! Thank You!!! Bruce P

Hi Dennis, Just a quick note to thank you for repairing my ITT 2500 phone. It works great! Your knowledge of telephony and network knowledge for specific telephone models is impressive. Thanks again, Mark

Hi HG Thanks for the Cool Post Card from Germany. Have a Great Day.

Just wanted to send you a picture installed it this weekend works great I did have the original bracket for the phone in my garage thanks I appreciate you getting it done Brian

Duck Telephone Dennis, I got the video and it is awesome. Can't wait to show the video first to my daughter then give her the phone on her birthday. The work you have done is none other than impeccable and professional to say the least and I truly thank you for that. The Don Mohney family

Hi Dennis, Cool video and...it's fixed! Excellent! My brother owns many Time & Temp numbers and the call you made to check the unit during the video is his voice. Pretty cool! Thanks so much for getting this done. Regards, Craig R

A1, Goofy lamp has arrived safe and sound. We can’t thank you enough for your work and also for the video. That is such a great idea. We will certainly recommend you to anyone needing your type of work. Thank you again, you are very much appreciated. Sincerely, Jim and Fran

Dennis, Thanks for the video; it was GREAT. I got such a kick out of watching it. I’m saving that baby for sure and I’m going to show it to my friends. And, you did an awesome job of repairing the phone. You are obviously someone who takes pride in his work. That’s pretty hard to find these days. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Bruce

Dennis, thank you so much I just paid. the video is great. I'm sending it to my wife's family it was her family's phone so they're loving this. Their descendant came from Sweden and worked for Alexander Graham Bell in New Brunswick eventually at coming to Maine in the late 1800s so that's kind of cool. Keith T

Dennis, How cool is that? We have enjoyed that phone/answering machine and two related remote phones for 11+ years. This is more than just a phone. It’s a very useful partner with which we have become quite attached. You may rest comfortably knowing that you have brought renewed pleasure and utility to our lives. The service you have provided is absolutely outstanding, and the price you have charged for the service you have provided is fair and reasonable. Thank you so much, Dennis! Dennis G

Thank you SO MUCH –The Animated Goofy Lamp we couldn’t be happier! Love the video too. Karen and Bud

Dennis, The phone works great……you’re a gentleman and a master. Thanks for the quick turnaround. World demand for your services. Best wishes…. Raoul

Hi Dennis, Colin here with the wedding barn antique phone that you fixed up for me. First of all, the guests love the phone. It has been the center of a lot of fun conversations between generations, which is exactly what I had hoped for. I am writing to you today because I had a conversation with an 8 year old that I have to relay to you. The young boy was exploring the phone and having fun turning the crank and hearing the bells ring. After a few minutes he turned to me and asked: " Hey, if I turn the crank faster, will I get better Internet?" What an amazing thought process!! Thought you would enjoy. Thanks again for making a question like this possible. Colin Legacy Barn Kokomo, Indiana

Hello Dennis. WOW!! That was epic. I am stunned watching this. You have all these neat tools and the one....how it tells you the number when you dial it is incredible. Thank you so much. To see you bring my old phone back is fantastic. Thanks Steve.

Hi,I received my phone on Friday and just wanted to thank you.Now my project is complete.I appreciate the excellent work you do.Without your help I could'nt have this booth completed.I also thought to send a few pictures to let you see the finished project.The phone booth is my second restoration the first was a jukebox.Also sending a few shots of that one.These two go together nicely.THANKS AGAIN!Regards,Ricky

Good Morning Dennis.. THANK YOU for fixing my phone..and the super communication every step of the way..you are amazing! Phone is back and working great.. Thank you Dennis..your service is remarkable! Tony

Wow Dennis, the video is sooo cool, and my phone works !!!! Thank you, can't wait to get it back. Thanks again for "Making my phone great again !!!""" Barb

Good Morning Dennis, I received the telephone. Works great. I mounted the bell box on the wall. I love the ring and everything. Sending the phone to you was the best idea that I ever had. Thank You

Hi Dennis, Our phone arrived today. We recharged it and works again ! Yay ! So happy I reached out to you. I would advise any customer in search of your service that I appreciated the professionalism and helpfulness of A1 Telephone. Our phone was returned with timely efficiency and ready for many more years of use. Also appreciated that you insured and added the tracking feature for delivery. It was an added bonus that I was not expecting. We are very happy!! Merry Christmas !! ~julie from Colorado

Dear Dennis Thanks for converting my Western Electric Antique phone. It Works Great! When it Rings, it takes me back in time and I think of " Days-gone-By. Thanks again, Victoria

Thanks Dennis. I always knew that phone would be famous some day! Richard

Hi Dennis- The clip looked great! Thank you! Mehrdad

Thanks Dennis for the cool video , can't wait to receive it and let my grandson enjoy it for a long time . Thanks again , Andy

Hello Thank you for the phone Just received it Happy Holidays! David

Hi Dennis, Great job on the video. Thank-you so much for fixing my phone. I'm really excited to get the phone back and start using it. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a Great New Year. Debbie

Hello Dennis: Thank you for this very instructive (Youtube) video and for applying your wizardry in making this telephone functional again! Thank you again and happy holidays to you and your family Regards David

Thank you very much Dennis. Crystal

Hi Dennis, this is Bill Ciarmataro from Boston i just watched the video of you fixing my phone and once again i must say you are a genius at your craft i knew you could fix it but to see it come back to life after so many years i was blown away i have been telling friends about your workmanship and there is no one who could come close to your work you should be very proud you made my day when you tell me i have a nice brass Western Eletric with a bell box Bill Ciarmataro, Thanks again

Good Morning Dennis: I got my phone on Friday afternoon. Thanks for the lovely video. I've been yik yacking on the phone since Friday. Geri Shaw :-)

Dennis, You fixed my phone. I unplugged it at the outlet and unplugged the battery pack as you suggested for about 20 minutes and now it works, again. I have never contacted anyone via the e-mail to help me before. You have restored my faith in people. Again, let me sincerely thank you for your help. I hope things always go good for you. Karen Shirey Carrollton,Ga.

Dennis, THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful idea to use the video. I really appreciate you and your professionalism. This was our home phone when I was a kid in Lansing Michigan a very long time ago. Ha! I've kept it all these years and am happy I can have the full use of it again. Best regards, Stephen Montgomery

Hi Dennis, Mike from Lake Havasu, AZ. You went through my 233G 3 Slot Payphone back in April, and it's fantastic. Wife is a interior designer & was delightfully surprised when the payphone arrived. Thank you again! I've attached a picture of the phone which we did end up hanging in the kitchen. Mike H.

Dennis!! I am so looking forward to getting it hooked up! A long wait but worth it! thank-you, John Aremia

Phone arrived and working great. Many thanks for the good work! Jeannine

You are very welcome. Cathy watched the video and was ecstatic about her phone. You are a real treasure out there. I have shared the video with many friends already. Keep doing excellent work. Michael

Hi Dennis, Thanks you so much for bringing life and fun back to my old wall phone. The wedding Barn guests love it, and we have a lot of conversations about the phones from the old days. Party lines, operators, and terminology that is still used today. Like "Hang up the phone, pick up the phone, and Ring up the number" It is exactly what I had hoped for!! Thank you!! Colin Craig, at the Legacy Barn.

Thanks for the check out video of my repaired goofy lamp. My wife was quite impressed that you mentioned my name in it. LOL...and my children will be quite happy to have it back. Thanks again. I hope to send you my Mickey Mouse phone soon. Scott

Wow!!! I cant wait to see my grandsons use this in the beatiful oak phone booth. Thank you so much!! Laura Mader

Hi Dennis, Just want to thank you for repairing my GE phone. I greatly appreciate your work and am glad to have the phone back. Sincerely, Madelyn C.

Dear Dennis, I received my Mickey Mouse phone today. Thrilled to have it back and it works great. Thank you for your expertise and finding the time to work on it. I really appreciate your effort. Hope to eventually pass it down to my grandchildren. Thanks again Kathleen Rokosz

I got my payphone today and wanted to say thanks for your hard work. Thanks Dan

Good morning Dennis, I watched the entire video this morning! Great job! I ran the new modular line to the garage Monday. So, the install here is ready. Can’t wait to get it installed. Regards, John

Dennis, I received the phone today and it works great. Thanks again. -Dustin

Wow! It looks great! Thank you very much for working on my phone. Shall we arrange payment for parts and repair? Matthew Gill

Hi Dennis, Payment has been sent via Paypal. Thank you very much! I appreciate that you prioritized my order and got it done quickly - and on a Sunday no less. You are the best. Regards, -Dustin

Dennis, Thank you so much for the repairs on my rotary phone. That phone has special meaning for me and my family and we will enjoy it for years to come. This is the 2nd time you've come through for me, as you repaired a Mickey Mouse phone back in 2014 that also had sentimental meaning for my family, but not as much as this rotary, which goes back to the 50's when my deceased wife was a little girl. Thanks again, Bob Conley

Thank you so much for fixing this telephone. My son is turning 16 December 5th so this will make a great birthday gift. He will be thrilled. Thank you for the video. That is very cool. Happy Holidays Toby Arpin

Thank you so much!! I've really enjoyed doing business with you and your company. We love that you are so respectful of the lamp and what it represents. Good luck to you!! Anne Stephen

Dennis, when you get around to retrofitting my E1 handset, I would like you to make up another amplified transmitter for an F1 on another 302 that I have obtained. Those things work awesome. As a followup, the best functioning old phone I have is the D1/202 that you did for me with the upgraded E1 handset. That phone works unbelievably well. Thanks and have a good Christmas season. Jack Aman

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't wait to put the bracket and everything together so i can mount it!!! cameron gerrish


Hi Dennis - Thank you for the video, it's great! Also, and more importantly, thank you for starting to work on my lamps! Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving! Marilyn

Dennis, Just a note to tell you how much I appreiate the repair on my old phone. At times I was concerned about the wait, but it was well worth it after I received your email and video. The phone works perfectly and looks great in the old booth. Thanks again! Sincerely, Bill from Georgia

Hi Dennis; Snoopy was returned home today via Federal Express in excellent condition! My wife and I made our first phone call from him and he works like a charm! We are so glad that you could make the repairs to him, and also appreciated the video you sent of the repair process/evaluation. Snoopy has a special place in our home and it's great to have him back. So glad there are repair people like you who have pride, and value in restoration . Again thank you , and we will certainly refer your company to friends Jim Bellenis

I just paid you on paypal for my Trimline phone repair. I already watched the video on youtube. Nicely done sir! Robert

Dennis, My two Mickeys are home and very happy. I just looked at your wonderful video about their repair. Thank you so much for your loving care of them. I am an 82 year old retired university professor and administrator which may be a surprise to you. Just thought I would like to share a little as you have given me and my Mickeys much joy! My best for your continuing mission to make people happy. Carol D. Nathan, Ed.D

Dennis…thanks so much for the repair of my Western Electric 202 and the upgrade and conversion of the old E1 handset. The phone works and sounds like brand new and still has the old-school look of the E1 handset. I couldn't be happier with the work and I thought the price was a bargain. Thanks again for the terrific work. Jack Aman

Hi Dennis... I am just blown away with your service .. WOW! I started watching the U-Tube video thinking it was the one you previously posted .. then realized it was MY PHONE. You are FANTASTIC!!! It's great to hear from you so quickly . You know how to run a business. THANK YOU! Tony

Hi Dennis... The electronic transmitters work GREAT. My callers say they hear me very clearly now. Thanks so much for designing a clever and effective device. I'd like you to put one in an E-1 handset for me and also update the tinny diaphragm receiver to a more effective design. I have heard of using the receiver capsule from a Trimline for this purpose. Have you done this? You're going to get the job in any case because I'm afraid of breaking the handset trying to get it apart. The metal parts are seized TIGHT into the Bakelite parts. Thanks and have a great day.

Hi Jack Thank you for the Feedback on the Transmitters. Glad to Help!! There are many ways and styles of Receiver capsules to rectify the issue. Will take care of the problem for you when you send it in. Will need the Telephone also so we can match everything to the network. Have a Great Day. Thank you A1 Telephone 618-235-6959 www.A1-Telephone.com

Dennis, Very cool video. Thanks so much. My wife is very happy. PayPal is complete. Take Care, Ken

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you working on my phone. It works and looks great. Thank again. Have a great 4th! Reid

Hi Dennis, I got your voicemail, thank you for letting me know the status of my phone. I just watched the video. That is so cool. Thank you so much for working on my phone and contacting me. Have a great evening! Reid

Hi Dennis, So excited to tell you that my phone arrived home safely! LOL sounds like a mom talking about her kid!. I am very happy with the work, I plugged it in while a friend was here and we both enjoyed the "good 'ole ring"! Glad to find you and thanks again for your work! Have a good evening. Pat Brunst

Hey Dennis, You've been GREAT boss and I can't wait to install it. You don't know how many times I have watched the YouTube video, and how beautiful it looks! Mark Wilhelm

Dennis, Outstanding work!! The phone looks (and sounds) great! I can't wait to show my parents!! Absolutely priceless. Thank you! Best, Rob

Dear Dennis, I did see the video and you did an excellent job!! The telephone is so beautiful. Thank you for fixing it up for me! I look forward to getting it back and using it. Thank you again! -Kevin Lewis

Hi Dennis, My son Kamran is 8 years old, He has Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita and is autisitic. He is an antique telephone collector, he watches all your videos on repairs on youtube. He has 5 in his collecton so far, He just received a new one from a family friend, it is a turquiose or baby blue (hard for me to tell colors) spacesaver, from what kamran has told me, he also thinks its from the 70's, he has researched so much that i am sure he is probably correct. Telephones is the only thing he talks about! But the phone is in rough condition, the only cord it has on it is to the receiver and it has a cut in it, the cord that goes to the outlet looks like it has been cut, the dial seems to be working properly but you can hear a small jingle in the phone when you move it around, i would like an estimate of how much it would be to repair and get in working order, kamran also thinks he needs a bell box, i think thats for the ringer but if you would be so kind as to call him and he could tell you anything you may need for a quote, he is really looking forward to speaking with you. thank you Ashliegh

Hi, Dennis! Repair on the French PTT certainly up to your usual high standard. Can hardly wait to have it back home again. Got another restoration candidate lined up for you: This one's a monster desk pay phone. I'll be in touch on that later on. Congratulations on yet another job well done! Yours, HG

Hi Dennis, I loved watching the Youtube video. That will be included as part of the gift to my parents! Thank you again. My mother had a decorative wood duck that looked exactly like the duck phone. As kids, we used to show visitors the duck phone, then wait a little while and switch the duck phone with the solid wood one. We'd hide the duck phone nearby. We'd ring the duck phone and ask the visitor to answer. They would pick up the solid wood one and struggle like crazy to try to pull the receiver off. It never got old. Thank you! Steve Ludwig

Just watched the video(again). I forwarded it to my son who is college at West Point. He loved it as do I. Thank you so very much. If there is anywhere I can provide my glowing customer feed-back I hope you'll let me know. Can't imagine that you need any more business, but would be happy to spread the word. Thanks a million, Elizabeth from Texas

Thank you so very much for your excellent service. The phone works really well. One question unrelated to any work you did. The phone really smells "musty" when I pick it up to use. This, I think, is from being stored in my basement for so many years. Have you any suggestion as to how I might combat this without getting any liquid on the phone and damaging the phone? Maybe, I will just have to get use to "musty" when I use it. Thanks again for all of your help. The video was great! Garrett Palmer

Hi Just a short note to let you know how much I am enjoying your YouTube videos which, as a telephone enthusiast, I am finding very interesting. I am from the UK, and collect and repair vintage phones (mainly UK GPO issue at the moment) as a hobby. Having seen the standard of your work, I shall have no hesitation in sending any really difficult cases over to you, especially if I manage to acquire some phones from the U.S. in the future. One of the things I am really interested in is the test equipment you use to test the ring and dial tone. Is this a commercially available item, as I am really keen to get hold of one of these! I currently have to test my own phones by plugging them into our domestic phone connection. Hoping you can help. Keep up the good work, and the videos - they beat the hell out of watching UK TV at the moment! Best Wishes Andy Irving

Hi I have paid through Pay Pal. Let me add that the high quality of your service (the video etc.) is truly unbelievable. Until I experienced it, I did not believe such service existed! Garrett Palmer

Thanks gentlemen! Mickey is back in action after 30+ years! Tom Joynt

• Just got the Electronic Transmitter mics for the 302’s let me say they are the easiest thing since slice bread. Gave a test call using both phones and the person on the other end first words they said was “You must have got a new phone and got rid of them old 1940’s metal heavy things” I just said nope same phone but updated for today’s world. Here is some tips incase some else runs into this install them. One phone has the sold hand set no hole for wires to the top other is the handset with the holes for the wires to run up top. One has a I gust 1950’s replacement cap not bakelite some other hard plastic. At first the one with the newer cap was ratting I removed the metal tabs before installing. I put the tabs back into place and no rattle at all this one cap fits super thigh pane in the rump to get on and off need to get a replacement in bakelite. Also this is the one with the wires running from bottom to the top part. In turn this means the black wire screw has 2 wires on it all ready a tip here losing screw very little since it is not that long and with 3 wires going under it can be a tricky but not so hard to do thing. On the other phone with the sold handset I left the tabs in place also and just bent the one with the think white wire or is it red diwn a little since it seems on this headset to be a little lighter metal then the other tab. it was the straight tab if holding receiver the table straight down where the main cord come into the set. Total time to install both once I got them caps off think god for the hair dryer helps to losing them. lol Was under 10 minutes and the way these phones sound now is out of this world. I can now talk and not scream into the thing or be told sir can you speak into the phone. Thanks Troy Mckneely

Hi Dennis, My name is Heidi and I have kind of an unusual question for you. I have an 8 year old son named Christian, he has Autism but is very high functioning. He also happens to be OBSESSED with telephones! He watches your videos on youtube daily and we hear a lot of quotes and information from your videos around our house on a regular basis! :) He even hopes to "vacation" in Bellville IL sometime just so he can visit your shop! Unfortunately we live in Michigan so we can't just stop in for him to see it. :) Christian collects phones from pretty much anywhere he can get them, antique shops, resale stores, grandma... However the one thing he is really hoping Santa will bring him for Christmas is a digital analyzer "just like the small one Dennis uses in most of his videos". I've been told you have a lot of analyzers but you use the small one the most. Anyway, here in lies my dilemma. First of all I have no idea what an analyzer is or if "Santa" can afford to get him one, but I also have no clue where to buy one or what kind you use. Any info you could share with me about where and what to purchase would be very much appreciated! I also want to thank you for all the videos you have posted, they have brought Christian countless hours of joy and entertainment and he has learned so much about telephones and repairs, he amazes me all the time with the information he retains! Sorry this has gotten so long, you are a household name around here so I feel like I'm writing to an old friend :) Thank you again for any info you can give me! Heidi A.K.A Christian's Mom

Hi! Thank You SOO much for fixing my phone!!...early Mother's Day gift ;) I appreciate all your hard work!! Thanks again, Jennifer Cedar Hills, Utah

Hi Dennis – I just saw the video of John’s repair. You run a pretty cool operation up there in Belleville! It was a very interesting video – I’m sure customers enjoy that aspect of watching and knowing a little about their phone. That is right up John’s ally – he loves learning and watching how things work, so the video was something special for him. Thank you for providing this service. Have a great day! Regards, Marilyn

Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate you going above and beyond to answer all my questions...I know where I'll be sending anyone needing vintage phone assistance! Have a wonderful day and Labor Day weekend!! :) Sam

Greetings, Dennis! You were on target with your advice on the low ring voltage. Bought a booster, installed it (needed some help, though, as all the wires confused me), and we're in business. Thanks for the tip, and keep up the great work! Yours, HG

First off, let me say that I'm very impressed and fascinated with your YouTube page. You are definitely the ONLY people that I will now allow to touch my antique phones (all 2 of them!). Anyway, yesterday happened upon a phone which appears to be a Western Electric model (metal) 302 in pristine condition. It seems to work okay but I anticipate a tune-up in the near future. Again, it will be sent to you for any work done! Anway, I have a question that's a little off-topic. This phone has a silver base and a black handle. Of course, after I bought it I read up on the 302s and learned that all metal models were painted black. Is there anyway to tell if it's a knock-off? Thanks--- James